A Great Way To Show You Care During Illness And Loss


Do you want to help but don’t know how or can’t be there?

With KikuPal you can gift practical help to family and friends, such as house cleaning, lawn care, meals, rides, and more. A gift that says they are loved and cared for.


No-Hassle Point Redemption

$1 = 1 KikuPoint

KikuPoints are a part of our online platform to help and support families. We have a point-for-dollar value that can be redeemed for services that we know and trust. We’ve done the research for you, so you can have peace of mind that each experience will be safe and hassle-free.


Meal Delivery

Quick meal delivery from hundreds of restaurants.


Lawn Care

For when staying indoors sounds better than mowing the lawn.



A clean home can make anyone feel so much better.



Always have a reliable ride anywhere around town.



Don’t see a service you need?

KikuPal’s Concierge Service

We understand that people have specific needs that we may not offer.

That’s why we have made the KikuPal Concierge Service available in TX. Our concierge staff is ready and waiting to schedule whatever you need, whenever you need it for a grieving loved one.





I haven’t eaten, the dogs were not fed, the house was a mess, there were no groceries, the trash hasn’t been take out, the lawn was a mess. You’re not thinking about them being done. They just weren’t being thought of, but somebody thought of them for me, which was nice for our family.
— Gregg A.
We’ve had friends with life challenges that I would definitely have used a solution like this.
— David A.
You let the person decide in their grieving process when they are ready to receive that gift and do something with it.
— Ross S.
You are not always going to know what a person needs. You are not going to know exactly what they are going through...if there is somebody you care about or someone you know, and they need help... You help!
— Manuel Z.
Para mi, lo más importante es tener más tiempo con mi familia y KikuPal me da esa oportunidad.
— Reiko F.

A Message From KikuPal’s CEO, Naomi Bourgeois

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