From Coffee to Orange Juice

Typically, when one wakes up every day, they expect certain things to happen as they have happened every day before, like having a morning cup of coffee. One also expects certain people to be there as they always have, like rolling over and bumping into your significant other. But sometimes you wake up and the coffee is now orange juice whilst the space next to you is cold and empty.


The change becomes apparent. A routine is second nature and intrinsic to our daily lives that when it no longer contains certain components, the difference is unavoidable. Especially if that component was a person.

Waking up without someone, who was there every day before, can break your heart and the will to get up and do it all over again. Rolling over only to find yourself in tears or that the coffee you had every day is no longer there because they were the one who would pick it up from the store. Tears flow likes the floodgates snapped at the hinge. The air in the room thickens, your chest tightens, and your collar becomes a sponge to the memories you once shared. The beating of your heart becomes a baseline to the sweeps of air in and out of your lungs. Five, ten, maybe fifteen minutes later you find yourself wondering into space. Taking in a deep breath… and letting it out. *hhhhh*

The questions of why swarms the mind and loving memories seep in and out. It does not really make sense why they are gone because they still feel so alive. You can almost feel the warmth of their skin, the sun in their eyes, the wind through their hair, and the smell of their skin. These feelings will probably remain for a very long time and that is okay. You know they are no longer there, but the memories and feelings that you shared are always there. They will live in and through you; in memory they will never fade.

Remember… It is okay to laugh. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to cry.