From Flowers to the Funeral — A Complete Checklist of Things to Do When Someone Dies

The death of a loved one is one of the most incredibly difficult things you will ever experience. And it is even more overwhelming if you are the one who has to handle the funeral arrangements and settle the loved one’s personal affairs.

While being emotionally prepared for a funeral is never easy, having a checklist of things that need to be taken care of can help you through the process.

Here is a list of things that will need to be taken care of as soon as possible:

Obtain Legal Pronouncement of the Person’s Death:

The first thing to do when a loved one passes away is to fill out a pronouncement of death form and obtain the death registration certificate. In most cases—especially when the death takes place in a hospital—doctors take care of this process. If the loved one was in a hospice, the hospice nurse needs to be contacted first.

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Arrange For Organ Donation (If Applicable):

If the person who died was an organ donor, then you need to inform the hospital staff about the loved one’s wish. This is a very time-sensitive issue; any delay can result in the loss of valuable organs. You can check their driver’s license to make sure your loved one was a donor as in some states a heart logo will be printed on the license. However, in some states, such as in Texas, medical personnel are automatically notified.

Arrange for Transportation:

Decide what to do with the body according to the wishes of the deceased and then make arrangements accordingly. If you are not sure of how to do that, you may call a funeral home or crematorium to help you through the process.

Notify Family and Close friends:

There is no right way to do this, but it has to be done as soon as possible. Informing some people in person may be the most caring way to share the news, especially those who were close to the deceased. For others, a simple phone call may suffice. For far-off relations, colleagues, and distant friends, an email or a text message is appropriate. Splitting the task between several people is the best way to tackle this task. Make sure you include the details of the memorial and funeral so that everyone knows how and when they can pay their respects.

Settle Their Personal Affairs:

If you have the right to execute the deceased’s estate, you need to inform their employers, secure and arrange safekeeping for their property such as their home and vehicles, and execute their wishes for the care of any pets and dependents they may have. Pay back any amount that the deceased owed and work with a lawyer, if needed, so that you can get help with the execution of the last will or testament.

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Arrange the Funeral Plans:

Meet with the director of the funeral home to decide the details of the funeral, such as the flowers, the casket, and any other ceremonies. You may also choose to hold a memorial service at a later date to celebrate the life of your deceased loved one. You can also choose to create a memorial website where people can leave personal and heartfelt messages for the grieving family.

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