How does KikuPal work?

KikuPal is a platform to send and receive help when people are either suffering from an illness, grief, or any other challenging life event. KikuPal is a great sympathy gift as the services KikuPal offers are caring and practical. The first step to giving someone help is to create an account for them here. The second step is to buy KikuPoints, the points, ($1 for 1 point) can be exchanged for the services KikuPal offers. Lastly, make sure you share their account with other family and friends so more people can contribute.

For receivers of help, you will be send an email notifying you that an account has been created followed by a second email that KikuPoints have been gifted to you. After confirming your account, you will then be able to order any of our services. The last step is to sit back and relax. We will coordinate your service with our vetted, bonded, and insured service providers.

Below is an infographic on how to send and receive help through KikuPal.