In Lieu of Flowers – Unique Sympathy Gifts That Show You Care!

Losing a loved one can be devastating. It’s only natural to try and comfort someone who is grieving. While flowers are the most common sympathy gifts throughout history, you can be left wondering if there was something else you could have done.

We see it time and time again, the home of the grieving person is usually filled with flowers during the first week or so after the memorial service. Although people who give flowers have the best intentions at heart, the dying flowers following the days after the funeral can enhance the feelings of sadness and loss for some people.

So the question here is what might be the perfect gift for someone who is grieving? It should show you care while providing comfort and support at the same time. Here, we have compiled a list of other sympathy gifts you can consider in lieu of flowers. Also, check out our other sympathy gifts blog for more ways to help keep them distracted, keep their loved ones’ memory alive, and support them.

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Memorial Stones, Tree or a Shrub:

A shrub or a tree that can be planted in the memory of a loved one makes for a long-lasting and memorable sympathy gift. Gardening is cathartic for grieving people and tending to a growing plant can provide a much-needed peaceful break. You can add a memorial stone to the plant with a nice and touching quote carved into it.

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Often after a loss of a loved one, it is common for people to get nostalgic and to want to keep their loved one’s memory alive by remembering them and looking at old photographs. As a close friend or family member, you might have pictures that the grieving person does not have. Make a nice picture frame or a small scrapbook and add those pictures to it to create a wonderful sympathy gift.

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A Self-Care Gift:

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, one of the most difficult things to do for most people is continuing to take care of themselves. Self-care might be the last thing on their mind as they cope with grief and the added responsibilities. Getting a gift card for a massage, a manicure, or some yoga classes can be a thoughtful gesture. You can also make a self-care basket full of comforting items such as bubble baths, scented candles, lotions, fluffy pajamas, light-hearted books, etc. It might be a few months before they really appreciate your gift, but a time will soon come when they realize they need a break to relax, your self-care gift may be just the trick.

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Meal Delivery and Cleaning Services:

When a loved one dies or is ill, daily responsibilities such as cooking and cleaning are sometimes put on the back burner. The added stresses of increasing piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and cooking can make the grieving process even more difficult. You could offer to do some housework and cook for them, but keep in mind that most people are not comfortable with others cleaning up their messes and might feel embarrassed, so hiring a service that will take care of these tasks for them may be the best solution.

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