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What is KikuPal?

KikuPal is an online platform making it easier for people to give and receive help. People use our platform to create and fund accounts to help family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and members of their community by purchasing KikuPoints ($1 buys 1 KikuPoint). KikuPoints can be redeemed by the recipients for helpful services, such as house cleaning, lawn care, delivered meals, Lyft credits, and more. Our approach allows recipients to select which service they need and when they need it. Services are coordinated through the platform easily and hassle-free. We are here for you long after your initial support system has moved on.

Why KikuPal?

KikuPal is the trusted company you turn to when you or someone you know has lost a loved one. KikuPal was specifically designed to make giving and receiving help easier during life events. We understand that:

As a giver (someone who wants to help a loved one):

  • It is difficult to know how to help in a meaningful way without feeling that we are intruding or inconveniencing them.

  • We do not want to do or say the “wrong” thing. Because of that, we may end up not doing anything and then feeling bad about it.

  • Coordinating help can be a hassle for both parties.

As a recipient (someone experiencing hardship):

  • Often help is offered when we are not ready to receive it, or even know what we need. For example, people tend to offer help at the onset of a situation, which is exactly the time when we may have the most support, feel overwhelmed, or don’t know what we need yet.

  • It’s difficult to get continued support. In fact, it is common to lose about 75% of our support network within weeks/months of a death or serious illness. It is natural for people to move on with their lives, but healing may take years, and asking for help then is difficult.

  • We want to be able to choose what we need when we need it, without inconveniencing our loved ones, or feeling needy or guilty.

KikuPal addresses all of these concerns by:

  • Allowing recipients to bank the goodwill of help when people are offering.

  • Our platform provides helpful services, such as house cleaning, lawn care, meal delivery, Lyft credits, and more to take care of the day-to-day tasks, no matter the situation.

  • The recipients choose what they need and when. KikuPal allows for easy scheduling and coordination, making it hassle-free for both recipients and givers.

  • Everyone can contribute to the account, leveraging the power of community. More KikuPoints mean continued support.

  • We understand the grieving process and are passionate about improving the way we give and receive help during life’s most difficult situations.